Welcome to Sunrise Eldercare Supplies

We – Sunrise Eldercare Supplies, believe in empowering our elderly individuals to embrace an active and fulfilling lifestyle. At Sunrise Eldercare Supplies, we specialize in providing innovative mobility products tailored to the unique needs of our elderly.

The name “Sunrise” holds great significance for us. It symbolizes the essence of ageing and the incredible potential that lies within every elderly as they embark on their golden years. Just as the sunrise marks the beginning of a new day, we envision a fresh start for our elderly—a dawn that brings renewed possibilities, independence, and freedom.

Sunrise Eldercare Supplies is committed to make a positive difference in the lives of our elderly. We understand the challenges that come with ageing, and we are dedicated to addressing them through quality products and compassionate service.

When you choose Sunrise Eldercare Supplies, you can expect quality, reliability, and customer care. Our team is dedicated in assisting you to find the mobility products that suit your needs, ensuring comfort, safety, and peace of mind.

We strictly adhere to the regulations established by the Health Science Authority (HSA) for the supply of medical devices in Singapore.

Medical Device Dealer’s Licence (Importer) No: ES0502369

We’re pleased to see our products bringing joy to people's lives

Our Mission

To facilitate active ageing by offering a range of mobility products that enhance the lives of our elderly. We believe that advancing age should never be a barrier to leading an engaged and active lifestyle. With our carefully curated selection of mobility products, we aim to empower our elderly to maintain their independence, explore new horizons and enjoy life to the fullest.

Our Vision

To be the leading organization for elderly care products in Southeast Asia.