Hygge Life, Three-legged Seat Stick (Tahiti Blue)

Fold seat stick (Stock Available)
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Made of high-grade aluminium
  • Provides a comfortable seat when extended and a sturdy support as cane when folded

– Weight: about 965g
– Weight Capacity: 100kg
– Height (when folded): about 85.5 cm
– Seat Height (when not folded): about 53.5 cm
– Seat Dimension: about W 23 x L19.5 cm
– Handle: PP plastic handle
– With PE bag.

Product Features

Hygge Life (Seat Sticks), Fold seat stick

  • Provides with a comfortable seat to rest on when it is extended.
  • Gives user a sturdy support as a cane does when folded.

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